handful of zoloft, be my escape.
based aspirations. casual weeaboo, occasional melodramatic, rhythm and lack thereof, (legal) substance abuse, excessive apologist, level 6 feminist, level 22 human.
there is no good in anyone.

These things hurt in the morning .

My eyes literally shoot straight down to crotch every time a customer walks in ugh


It’s a metaphor

Record store day is cool and all but see I’ve got a memory foam mattress and mediafire soooooo

Good night

literally the cutest character ever 
i love him

a guy who used to stalk me on the internet with a really ugly penis just added me on snapchat today

an old fling started contacting me again via snapchat 

saw my ex’s mother in a gas station after i thought she moved away

and i am completely head over heels in love with somebody that will never love me the same way

might just start dating girls :/